Funnier By The Lake Comedy

Serve Something Funny

Hilarious comedy showcases produced and hosted by local stand-up comedians!

Serve Something Funny | Funnier By The Lake Comedy

Featuring live, professional stand-up comedy at your restaurant, club or other venue will:

  • Increase Mid-Week or Weekend Receipts
  • Create a New Dimension to the Dining Experience
  • Support Local Entertainment
  • Improve Social Media Buzz
  • Set Your Venue Apart from the Competition

Offer dinner or a later cocktail hour and a professional stand-up comedy show package to diners or members, and we’ll provide an amazing showcase!

  • A great opportunity to showcase your venue to regulars as well as newcomers.
  • Showcases include PG-13 language and content (if requested)
  • Online and offline event promotion
  • Professional photographs of event for use in future marketing

Our comedians are all professional, experienced, talented men and women. We program the best comics for each event to ensure the BEST show possible!

Contact Funnier By The Lake or call 847.748.7490 to start planning your show today!

Click HERE to view/download our brochure [PDF].

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